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Google Pixel Smartphones

October 4, 2016 - Google Introduced the first ever smartphone built from scratch to a complete masterpiece entirely by Google with next generation tech specs and latest Android 7.0 Nougat OS. Google launched two variants as Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, well both are having same specs but only difference is that the Pixel XL has 5.5" inch screen and battery of 3,450 mAh and Pixel has 5" inch screen with battery 2,770 mAh (excluding Battery and Screen Size, everything is same)
So this flagship smartphone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Quad Core processor, 4GB LPDDR4 Ram, Ultra Fast Pixel Imprint fingerprint sensor, 12.3 MP camera with DXOMARK score of 89 (Highest in the world), 32 or 128GB space, USB Type C, HD AMOLED Display packed in Aluminium unibody design, you can check all the official specification page here.
Now thing about The Google Pixel Smartphone is that it comes with newly updated Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box but that's not the only thing because nexus phones eventually get it anyways but here are -
Google Pixel Specs

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your First Google Pixel Smartphone

  1. Unlimited Photo and Video uploads at original resolution (even 4K videos!) so you don't need to worry about freeing up the space anymore, just let Google automatically take care of it.
  2. Built in Google Assistant, so now you don't even need to go through deep searches, even without opening any website you can have the right information at your fingertip, thanks to Google Assistant.
  3. A True Quality Camera, Google claims that Pixel's camera provides near DSLR grade experience, rich in crisp, sharp images in any light conditions. It is rated highest by DxOMark (benchmarking platform) upto 89 score while no smartphone ever could reach 89 score not even iPhone 7 (has around 83 score) also you can expect shutterfree experience on this one.
  4. Blazing fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor + Ultra Fast Fingerprint Sensor, who doesn't want lag free performance? no doubt about 821 performance, check more about processor here.
  5. Better battery life, well Google has even furthermore optimized the Doze mode from 6.0 Marshmallow into 7.0 Nougat with huge improvement in battery backup. So expect a full day battery power and guess what. you can get 7 hours of battery life within just 15 minutes of charging, so you are not going to die in the middle of something.

So these are the top 5 reasons you should consider for buying your Google Pixel Smartphone, well there are more amazing features like DayDream VR and Google built in Customer Support, we'll cover out everything we know in next articles, so stay tuned!
I'm working on few projects so kinda got busy but trust me as I always say, we'll have something new ( things that PRO people never share) to work on (maybe designing a mind blowing website without coding within 15 minutes? haha you just found our next blog post!)
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I know its been almost a year but I am so sorry for the delay, was occupied with alot of work but guess what we have launched new Digital Store (just now, for the sake of letting this template available for everyone and will decorate it later)
So if you are not familiar with Materiality Blogger Template, this is completely new, off the charts blogger template which is one of its kind and totally built with Material Design. I have written a complete review click this link for more in depth article and live demo.
I hope you guys would like this one.
I have setup an online digital store with Wordpress, its kinda simple but in few weeks we'll try to make something awesome (Prestashop sucked though, tried it, anyway) so all you need is now the link for purchasing the template and guess what it's only for just $12.99 !
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Mahhh Men! (we are much like Rocksteady & BeeBob)
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Hey guys, whats up! I guess its been thousand of years I din't post any blogger widgets, template or stuff but now I'd like to announce that I'm back again (this time I have alot of time to do experiments on blogger) as I got vacations. It's been tough year for me, I honestly couldn't get time this year for anything (though I had alot of fun and sorry I couldn't reply all emails I have got so far, so sorry folks). I have been busy with my another grand project which I'll introduce, definitely here on BloggerHero.
So stay tuned (even I'm working on new BloggerHero Theme) for more fun ahead, what you are going to get in upcoming few days?
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4K Gaming PC Build under 1 lakh in India

Getting almost 50-60 FPS on 4K resolution or Ultra High Settings in most hardcore games seems pretty difficult when you have a budget rig, so if you are looking for an expansion or interested in getting new desktop then here are the best hand picked pc components for getting smooth gaming experience with Ultra High Settings and also 4K resolution (Latest games support 4K resolution)
Now to get the best optimal smooth gaming experience at ultra high settings, you need the best graphic card (GPU) as well as good processor and motherboard. (to avoid getting bottlenecked)
So I have created the list of hand picked (thoroughly analysed reviews and benchmarks) parts to build the epic 4K Gaming PC under 1 lakh or $1000 and I've already given the purchase links with DISCOUNT if you are going to buy these components (no need to search on ecommerce store) and then you can assemble them (not big deal)

1) Graphics Card - MSI Nvidia GTX 970 4GB

4k gaming pc graphics card

There is no question that the GTX 970 GPU (4 GB) is the beast, you can easily run any game at Ultra Settings smoothly like a butter, even it is pretty good with 4K resolution so if you are looking for smooth gameplay then you should definitely get this one and I've sorted this MSI as it is having higher GPU Clock Memory than other cards so go for it.

2) Motherboard - Asus Z170 Pro Gaming - LGA1151

asus z170

This motherboard comes with pretty new features like USB 3.1 / Ultra Speedy Transfer Technology / Optimized for Gaming / Overclocking abilities + more and the important thing that our GPU runs on this one without any trouble. Guess what? the coolest feature about this MCU is the UEFI Boot Utility is one of the best boot utilities I've ever seen so go for it.

3) CPU - Intel Core i7 - 6700K (4.0 Ghz)

This is the latest 6th gen processor with 4.0 Ghz which is just perfect for gaming, it is power efficient and provides better performance. The Core i7 - 4970K is also better option if you want but still just go with the 6th generation one.

4) Ram - 8 GB Corsair Vengeance (8 GB x 1)

8 Gb ram is sufficient or maybe you can upgrade ram later.

5) PSU / SMPS : Corsair RM 750W SMPS

Now you must be asking 750W is too much, isn't it? well I have read alot of reviews and forum queries and found that there is acutally more power consumption when you are playing games at Ultra High Settings and 4K resolution so to get the efficient 100% supply to the Graphics Card and Motherboard as well as HDD you should get the 750W SMPS atleast.

6) HDD : WD 1 TB Hard Drive

I believe you will find 1 TB HDD sufficient, you can even try for SSD if you want to.
7) Case : Circle Gaming Cabinet (Free 3 LED Fans)
Now you got all the components for extreme hardcore gaming right, so as hardcore gamer your build should look extreme hardcore too so check this awesome  Circle Gaming Cabinet, Its one of the killer looking cabinets right now so go for it.
Circle Gaming Cabinet CC 821

So after adding every component in my cart (tried amazon, better and cheaper than flipkart) I had total amount of 96,000 Rs for checkout, if you buy expensive laptops for 1 lakh+ you will not get the GTX 970 GPU, you will find most of the laptops having 960M or 965M so I'd suggest you these components and Happy Gaming!
So I hope you guys would have found this article useful, do comment your suggestions, reviews and let me know if you have build one. i'll be writing more articles about laptops, PC Builds for best gaming experience, graphic design works etc so stay tuned and subscribe for more updates!

Hey guys, what's up? its been a long time since I have published a blogger theme since a year, but guess what? our new theme is ready! and as you know, every theme on has been always designed with special features which you just don't find on any other theme, so we have the hand crafted blogger theme here for the first time on Material Design -
 Material Design Blogger Template - "Materiality"
Live Demo
Its been few months I've been working on this one and trust me the theme is epic one! I always loved the stock Android Lollipop - The Material Design, so it was great idea to design one blogger theme inspired from Material Design and I designed one for itself, but today I'm going to reveal the "Materiality" theme which is truly amazing theme I've ever designed. You can check the live demo and also I have described some awesome features here about this theme.
so let's see what we got something new here?

Brand New First Ever Material Design Style

After alot of experiments and some tweaks (and probably after getting some time) I managed to get the work done on design and I guess this will be the very first such kind of blogger template ever, so the Brand New Design! 
This is a 2 column fully responsive theme with fixed navigation menu bar with header at the top and alot os essential cool widgets.

The Ripple Effect

Another thing I loved is "The Ripple Effect" as we have seen on smartphone with material design, the same feature of ripple effect I have added in this theme, you "MUST" click the Blue Title / Social Icons / Tabs and Most important the Post / Article Cardboard and see the MAGIC on your own!

Material Design Icons

Well, you may don't know but most of the theme designers use the Font Awesome Icons in every theme and they are pretty cool but there was no way they could fit in this Material Design Theme, so I implemented the Official Material Design Icons released by Google. Icons look pretty good.

The Card Effect

As you know the basic Google Card Design with Material Design is pretty good and that's what I took in consideration regarding the Blog Widget or showing the posts in card view, you can see the shadow when you hover on them.

The Search Widget

This one is my favorite, you should checkout the search widget at the top right corner, just click on it and see the magic again!

Material Design Sharing Widget

One of my social sharing widgets, I made the similar functionality but withe some material design effect. 

Material Design Input Form Style

The Input form style probably one of the best dynamic feature in this theme, you can check the subscribe by email widget right sidebar, try to enter your email ID (SPAM Time : Do subscribe to BloggerHero and get such awesome themes and articles)

Custom 404 Page / Blog Thumbs / Sitemap Page

Again one of the best features in this theme are the custom pages, I have designed the 404 Error "Page Not Found" / Blog Thumbnail Page and Sitemap Page with different designs, do check the links on the navigation bar.

Integrated with Facebook - Advanced Meta Tags

Yes, the facebook meta tags, well you should check my another tutorial I'll be writing soon to fetch and index your article on facebook servers within 2 seconds (pretty cool tweak and you may need it on this theme)

Note : There will be weekly or may be monthly updates for this and I'll literally try to release as many as color variants as well as the layout variants for this theme.

Please comment your reviews, suggestions, thoughts here in comments below, that'll help me alot.

Download Materiality Blogger Template

Are you looking for a perfect gaming laptop for playing hardcore games? Then you must need a laptop with High End Graphics Card as well as Processor, Right?
Well it's quiet annoying to sort laptops which are available on lots of websites (mostly you have to sort manually) so today I'm going to sort some of the best gaming laptops to buy specially available in India. I have personally hand picked every laptop I've given in list and trust me what I tell you that no matter how resource intensive your game or application is, whether it is high end graphics game or  designing softwares like (3DS Max, Autocad, Photoshop and sort of etc.) these laptops will provide you "Lagless" Performance and Quality Graphics, so let's get started :

1) ASUS G751JL-T3024P ROG-Series

ASUS G751JL-T3024P 17.3-inch ROG-Series Touchscreen Gaming Laptop (Core i7-4720HQ/24GB/1TB/Win 8.1/2GB Graphics), BlackASUS G751JL-T3024P 17.3-inch ROG-Series Touchscreen Gaming Laptop (Core i7-4720HQ/24GB/1TB/Win 8.1/2GB Graphics), Black
Yes, it is definitely the beast. This one comes with one of the latest NVIDIA GPUs i.e. NVIDIA GTX 965M , here are specs
Processor: Core i7 4720HQ(4th Gen) 2.6 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 965M 2GB DDR5
Screen Size: 17.3" Touch Screen 
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixel 
Screen Type: Full HD Led Back
OS : Windows 8.1 Professional (FREE Windows 10 Upgrade)

2) Lenovo Y50-70 59-441905

Lenovo Y50-70 59-441905Lenovo Y50-70 59-441905
The Lenovo Y50-70 is packed with Core  i7 and 4 GB NVIDIA GTX 960 DDR5 that's why it is true beast !
Processor ; 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-4710HQ processor with Turbo Boost upto 3.5GHz
Ram : 8GB DDR3 RAM
Graphics Card : NVIDIA GTX 960 DDR5
HDD : 1TB 5400rpm hard drive
Screen Size : 15.6-inch screen, 4GB NVIDIA GTX  960 GDDR5 Graphics
OS : Windows 8.1 Operating System


ASUS G551JX-DMO36H 15.6-inch ROG-Series Touchscreen Gaming Laptop (Core i7-4720HQ/16GB/1TB/Win 8.1/2GB Graphics), BlackASUS G551JX-DMO36H
Processor: Core i7 4720HQ(4th Gen) 2.6 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 950M 2GB DDR5
Screen Size: 15.6"  
Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixel / Screen Type:Full HD Led Back
OS : Windows 8.1

I hope you would have found this article useful, kindly share it with your friends, I'll be sorting again more laptops, mobiles and gadgets in future so stay connected!
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