Best Social Media Widget for Blogger | 2017

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Social Media Widget for Blogger 2017

    Well, Its been millions of years I haven't posted a blogger widget, so today I am going to share some amazing Social Media Icons for Blogger (Yes I made them personally, 2017 version) to impress your readers/visitors and which probably going to increase your subscriptions. I knew one thing when I started blogging, if I have best blogger subscription widget, I am definitely going to get subscribers (and I got them, a lot of subscribers, I will be sharing more amazing strategies to turn visitors into subscribers but let's just do this amazing social media icons today)

So if you really want to have social icons in your blog subscription widget then you should try this or else I'll be making new widget with built in social media buttons, but I really suggest you should try these icons because these are I personally selected from (credit) so I hope you guys will like these amazing social media icons widget which I personally coded to make it more light weight and responsive as well.

How to edit the links :
Just find the code <a href="#" rel="nofollow" , now here replace the # with your social media link, for example, for facebook it will be like <a href="" let me know in comments if you face any problem.
Here are the most amazing social media subscription links widget for blogger, you can add this to HTML Widget or any section in template file.
1) Style 1 : Simple Elegant Social Media Icons

2) Style 2 : Cute Flat Social Media Icons
3) Style 3 : Color Line Social Media Icons

4) Style 4 : Real Social Media Icons

5) Style 5 : Prism Social Media Icons

I hope you guys must have liked these widgets, please comment in section if you are having any issues or any custom query.

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