Download Materiality Blogger Template


I know its been almost a year but I am so sorry for the delay, was occupied with alot of work but guess what we have launched new Digital Store (just now, for the sake of letting this template available for everyone and will decorate it later)
So if you are not familiar with Materiality Blogger Template, this is completely new, off the charts blogger template which is one of its kind and totally built with Material Design. I have written a complete review click this link for more in depth article and live demo.
I hope you guys would like this one.
I have setup an online digital store with Wordpress, its kinda simple but in few weeks we'll try to make something awesome (Prestashop sucked though, tried it, anyway) so all you need is now the link for purchasing the template and guess what it's only for just $16.25 !
So what are you waiting for? go get your copy now! and if you really love my work and if you really respect a web-designer's work (tbh i spent 3 months on this one) so do share this template and have a fun, I really don't have time for writing articles and responding the guest post emails but yeah I can respond for support emails (well you are paying for it so you get it anyway again I will be there for you just drop your mails at for any problem)

So enough chitchat now, get your first ever material design blogger template now -