How to use full ISP bandwidth to speed up downloading


        Its been almost 5 months I am using 512 kbps internet speed connection which is provided by local broadband service provider. Well we all know that these people show big numbers such as 2 mbps, 10 mbps but in the end customer gets low speed (1/8 reduction ratio) as they provide mbps or kbps ; here the b represents bits not bytes, if it is MBPS or KBPS then the capital B represents Bytes.
1 Byte = 8 bits and that's why you get reduced speed, so I usually get 50-56 kbps speed whenever I download anything from most of the sites except Google Servers and here's the magic we are gonna do today!
Well these local broadband service providers in India do provide cheap internet but mostly they provide internet speed with bits and not bytes. But the irony is they don't cap speed for Google Servers, lets just say you won't be having buffering on YouTube, I use 512 kbps and I can stream 720p videos without buffering, this is just an example. I tried with Google Drive and I got freaking 500-510 KBPS speed on IDM (Internet Download Manager) I done some experiments and finally understood that yes we can use Google Servers to speed up our download speed to full ISP (Internet Service Provider) bandwidth.
I hope many of you are using the Internet connection from Local Broadband Service Providers, so I hope you should try this trick and let me know your results in comments.

Speeding Up your Internet Speed 

So all you need to do is remote upload all of your files which you want to download on your Google Drive, If you don't have much space on your drive then simply upgrade or create new account for it.
We will be uploading your required file to Google Drive using service which uploads your file to Google Drive remotely, Just follow these steps :

  1. Find the Direct Download URL of your file (use IDM if you have)
  2. Here is the direct url from IDM, you need to copy whole direct link URL along with file extension (you can see .exe file here, I am downloading CCleaner)
  3. You can see I am getting hardly 44 KBPS speed here while downloading from servers other than Google.
    IDM download
  4. Now go to after copying the download link just go to and you will need to authenticate your account (once for lifetime) and paste your download link in the field.
  5. Now just hit upload and wait for it to upload, usually its quick and you can get more than 5-50 MBPS Speed here.
  6. That's it, after your file is uploaded to Google Drive, all you need to do is download it from your Google Drive and that's it you can check I am getting almost 453 KBPS speed which is way more than 44 KBPS i was getting before.
    ultra high speed

I hope you guys must have liked today's tutorial and I really want you to try this out and post your results in comments section!

Why this happens : There could be one possible reason, they limited everything except Google Servers as most of the people use Youtube, Gmail only, majority people use Youtube and I believe no one would like buffering their video so pretty smart people but If you follow this trick you can outrun them haha!

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  1. Actually this happens because your ISP bears peering bandwidth.. peering means extra bandwidth for sites like Google products, torrent and some other.

    The ISP like mine doesn't bear such bandwidths. So you will experience only this speed

    1. I'm using that extra peering bandwidth to download these files.