Gaming Laptop under 50,000 Rs - Acer Aspire V5 Series 573G

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Gaming Laptop under 50,000 Rs - Acer Aspire V5 Series 573G
Compact Gaming Laptop? well, here are lots of high end laptops you will find for playing high end games (yeah! Ultra High Setting with more than 60+ FPS ) considering high end laptops, only the brand which hits our mind would be definitely Dell Alienware / Asus ROG etc etc and to get hands on these rigs, our pockets will get absolutely empty, but while surfing flipkart, I found a great laptop just more like or similar to these rigs (though they posses high end hardware, well you get what you pay for) but this laptop about which today I'm gonna write review, is something way different! last time I had posted about Best Gaming Laptop under 30,000 rs and it was awesome one and today's laptop Acer Aspire V5 Series 573G is hell of a beast! (Acer is doing great well, such hardware, much wow)
So today we are going to review about Acer Aspire V5 Series 573G - Ultra gaming laptop for 43,440 INR in India which is nearly impossible also if you are not from India then it might cost you 850$ but forget about money first lets check what makes it special.

Specifications :

  1. Processor - Intel Core i7 (4th Gen) : Holy sh*t, are you kidding me? there's no laptop with such decent 43,440 Rs price. I guess everyone knows what Ci7 is all about. Every Game would give stutter free experience just like you are slicing butter.
  2. Ram - 8 GB : 8 GB ram is way perfect for playing Hardcore High End Games.
  3. Graphic Card - 4 GB Nvidia 750M : This GPU is Hell of a Best! Trust me, you won't get any better graphic card at such price and that too 4 GB memory! these are some benchmarks tested on Nvidia 750M. (Ignore 1920x1080 - most of the games support 1366x768 as the highest resolution on laptop)
    Gaming Laptop under 50,000 Rs - Acer Aspire V5 Series 573G

  4. Hard Disk Capacity - 1 TB : Well thats enough storage for keeping everything in one place.
  5. Battery Backup : 6.5 Hours
  6. Screen Size : 15.6" Full HD Display with IPS technology (Standard size and enough for gaming)
Trust me, go for it, you won't get such laptop at decent price and flipkart is offering discounts so you can buy this laptop right now - hurry up get this beast before price hikes again !

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