Gaming Laptop Under 30,000 Rs

Looking for Gaming Laptop to play hardcore games at medium-high setting that too around 30,000 Rs? Well many guys will think that there's no laptop around 30k Rs but hey! After searching for 5 days I've found one best laptop and so I bought it thus today writing review about it.
I mostly play hardcore games which require high graphics hardware, also playing games at low quality means nothing so almost alike all gamers, every game should be played on high or optimum setting and for playing games on high setting requires high quality hardware.
lets discuss what matters here :
1. High End GPU - Graphic Card (Around 2GB with high shader quality)
2. Processor : Core i3 will be sufficient as there's no much difference in Ci3 or Ci5 (regarding  gaming)
3. Storage : If you are gamer or any kind of stuff, you need big storage say around 1 TB hard disk with good reading speed.
4. Ram : Mostly games consume less physical memory but on 4 GB Ram games run smotthly.
5. Screen : Yes, the display size matters! almost common display size of laptop is 15.6" inch. that's fine though.
Well there are other factors but the above one discussed are most important!
Now its difficult to find such laptop but I've found one with best configuration and that's
Acer Aspire E1 570G

Let's have a look on Specifications of Acer Apsire E1 570G :

1. Graphic Card : 2GB Nvidia 740M, if you don't know about Nvidia 740M GPU check it here. This graphic card almost runs every high end game on medium-high setting, as I do own this laptop, I'm running Assassin's Creed Black Flag, NFS Rivals, Watch Dogs on Ultra High Setting without a single lag, so it's damn good and trust me you would not find any laptop with this GPU in this range,
2. Processor : Intel Core i3 (3rd Gen) : Yes it is 3rd gen, well there's not much difference between 4th gen and 3rd rather than battery drop.
3. Display : 15.6" inch well that's fine , normal display quite good for gaming.
4. 1 TB Hard Disk : Talking about gaming, specially high end games they do need large space, 1 TB is hell of a storage.
5. 4 GB Ram : Most of the games run smoothly on 4 GB Ram and you wont find any laptop with such advantage in this range.
Rest of the stuff you can check on following links I've given at the bottom.
Trust me, buy this laptop from Amazom (I've orderd it and got discount upto 6000 Rs OFF, you can also get but only from below links) If you are a gamer and want to play most of the latest games at high or ultra high setting, this laptop sis for you, it worths more than 30,000 Rs actually but hey, have fun!
If you have any queries regarding this article, just drop your comment here or you can also show your appreciation here.
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