Enhancing Average Time/Page on Your Website

If you have been tracking your website’s progress by the means of Google Analytics, or for that matter by some other algorithms like Clicky, you know what Avg. Time/Page means and how much it does really matter at the end of the day.
For your website to make an impact, rather to show signs that is intriguing visitors, it should have a reasonably high Avg. time per visitor. If your website fails to achieve so, it is not likely to sustain itself in the long run. It also means that your website has a high bounce rate since the visitors who do not like the content might switch to other website after viewing just one page, and that’s where you need to pay attention to the basics.
Here are few means to help you achieve high Average times and lower bounce rates:

Interesting and Pertinent Content

Content arguably plays the most important role behind the success or lack of success of a website. If you have content on your website that fails to grab eyeballs, you won’t be getting visitors. If however you have marketed your website well enough, but the content does not intrigue those who read it, your marketing strategies will prove to be fruitless at the end of the day. It all matters how relevant is your content to the people who came across it with an intention and if they find it worth their 2-5 minutes or not.

Mobile-Ready Website

On this time and date, you most potentially targeted visitors would be those who use Internet on their mobile quite too often, and that is where they access your website as well. Thus, it is imperative that your website is responsive on those devices and does not crash. If you have used a theme for your blog that does not work with mobile devices or leads to painfully slow loading times, you will not get favorable results and will most likely see a slump in the number of visitors.

A Responsive Design that Delivers Focus at the Right Points

Getting your website designed in a way that pulls a visitor’s attention in different directions might lead to a chaotic visual interface on your website, which will make visitors not waste too many seconds before navigating off to some other site. The design of your site should be simple. Minimalism is the order of the day. Not only it lends elegance to your blog, but also helps when users are working on a slow Internet connection. The design should be focusing where you want it to focus. And if there are too many colors of fonts used, it will seem too juvenile, something that can kill the Avg. time spent on each page.

Do Not Post Too Many Links

It is understandable that you wish readers to spend more time on your website and thus you place links to other articles. However, when they click on those links before they finish the article, that is going to impact the avg. time they had spent on that particular page. it instead is recommended that you create a “Also Read” section at the bottom of each post so that visitors can only see it once they are finished reading one post. Besides, if you are including third party links, you have to be wary of many things, primary of which is that the websites you are linking to are not spammy or porn sites. In that case, You might receive penalty from Google in the form of non-indexing of your website’s posts on it, which will lead to reduction in the number of visits to your website.

Getting visitors spend more time on your website takes considerable investment of effort from your side. But, when your are running a site, you have already signed up for that, aren’t you?


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