How to Add Stumble Upon Button to Blogger

How to Add Stumble Upon Button to Blogger
Stumble Upon is one of the best ways to get easy traffic for your blog. What you need is to just share your blogger posts on Stumble Upon and you get traffic. There is no trick behind this, actually the logic is that the guys who stumble there might find your shared posts and hence they visit, but also stumble upon shows random posts and due to huge number of users you get plenty traffic.
But for sharing your blogger posts on Stumble Upon you need to add the Stumble Upon Badge or Stumble Upon Button. [Discovery Tools]
Its really easy you just need to select badges from the following link and add them to HTML/Javascript Widget. Its really easy.

Now lets see how to add these Stumble Upon Buttons or Badges.

There are plenty options for adding these buttons with 5 layouts, each layout comes with different size and shape.

Adding Stumble Upon Badge to Your Blog :

1. Go to Stumble Upon Badge Center - Stumble Upon Badges
 2. Hit "Get Started" , then you will find Discovery Tools.
3. Choose the type of badge you like and after clicking you will get your code.
How to Add Stumble Upon Button to Blogger
4. That's it, choose and copy your code and paste the whole code where you want to appear your Stumble Upon Button. You can simply paste the button in HTML/Javascript Widget or Below Post Titles.

I hope you will receive traffic when you start sharing your blog content on stumble upon. You can also try my custom social share widgets for more social share buttons.

Guys, you can stay subscribed for more awesome SEO Tips for Blogger, I'm gonna write cool stuff for this weekend.
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