5 Things to Consider While Buying a New Smartphone


A mobile phone is termed as fourth basic need of human after food shelter and cloth. Today, most of the work which is used to be done on Computers did through the phones. That's why it is termed as Smartphone. There are varieties of brands and types of phones available in the market. And of course you should select the one which suits your need and budget. This guide contains the 5 Factors you should always think about before getting a new Smartphone.

 So, Lets Start !


This depends upon the network you are going to use on your phone. I would say you should minimum aim for 3G phone. 3G includes the Video Calling feature. It can provide you 7.2Mb/s to 21.1Mb/s depending upon the network and device, which is in general 800kb/s to 2.6Mbps.4G LTE is a newer technology and still not available in most of the countries. While 2G is the older GSM on which most of the basic phones operates. Though it is cheaper, it will not provide enough speed for the excessive internet users. This chart will give you an basic idea of comparision between the three networks.
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According to the budget and purpose the processor speed will varies for the phone by phone. For a general user, 1Ghz processor will be enough everyday use. It will be enough for general Internet Users and Social Networking.  Average multitaskers will require more power, for that they should get atleast 1.2Ghz Dual Core CPUs.  While Heavy users and Gamers should aim for decent Snapdragon Quad core processor. Mediatek has even launched devices with Octa Core CPUs. 


Nowaday  phones with 6.9” screen and larger are also available in the market. But keep in mind “ Bigger is not always Better”, atleast in terms of smartphones.
A phone should look like a phone. And Apple has taken this thing more seroiusly :P  We believe that 4.7” is a perfect screen size of phone for any type of user. While 5.5” and greater (aka Phablets) might create irritation while handling. Bigger phones are harder to carry and almost impossible to use with the fingers while holding by the same hand.

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       Screen Size Vs Resolution:

Screen size is the size of display particular phone will have. And Resolution is termed as the density of pixels on the screen. More the resolution, better the picture quality. For instance, images on  4.7” phone with 1920*1080 display will look more sharper and crisper on the 5.7” display with same resolution. You should look for more Pixels Per Inch (PPI) instead of the size.


Operating System is most Important factor to consider while buying a phone. Currently (i) Apple’s iOS (ii) Google’s Android (iii) Microsoft’s Windows Phone (iv) Blackberry’s BlackBerry OS are rulling over the smartphone market. Considering the budget and need you should one of these. We will learn about advantages and disadvantages of all of them in short:
We will learn about advantages and disadvantages of all of them in short:

(i)                 Apple’s iOS :

   iOS is designed and developed by Apple Inc.
Advantages :
i.                    Easy To Use
ii.                  Clean and Smooth User interface
iii.                Vast and greatest App Store
iv.                 Regular major Updates release
v.                   Well supported with Mac OS
i.                    Works only with iPhones and iPads
ii.                  Lack of Customization
iii.                Experience and technical knowlegde is required for jailbreaking.

(ii)               Google’s Android:

Android is degined by Google Inc.
Advantages :
i.                    Exesively  Customizable
ii.                  Manufacturers can modify it to include their own UI 
             (eg. HTC’s Sense)
iii.                Linux based kernel and open source
iv.                 Regularly Updated
v.                   Plenty of Application support
vi.                 Light on resources
i.                    Upgradation of android is dependent on the manufacture
            of devices hence, most of the phones (except flagships 
            and high ends) remains several version behind
ii.                  Technical Knowledge is required to get maxed out from 
            your phone (e.g. Rooting knowledge)

(iii)             Microsoft’s Windows Phone:

Windows Phone is degined and created by Microsoft Corporation.
i.                    Fast and Fun to use User Interface
ii.                  Tiles and metro UI makes it different from other Oses
iii.                Great Compability with Microsoft Windows for PC
iv.                 Light on resources
i.                    Limited number of apps
ii.                  Not recommended for power users
iii.                Not updated frequenty

(iv)              Blackberry OS

i.                    Great and multitasking OS in a true mean
ii.                  Invoative getsture support
iii.                Ideal for bussiness and social use
i.                    Lack of application support
ii.                  Not recommended for students and power users
iii.        Very often updated


Every brand have their own specialty in generals. To own a iOS smartphone you have to buy an Apple's iPhone. While Nokia 'Lumia' is well known for producing Windows Phone based devices. hTc and Samsung are also considered in the list phone manufacturers. But we would recommend Nokia for WP as the availability of lenses is vast and innovative. 

For Android, there are dozens of brand available in the market. Samsung, sony, hTc, LG etc are the leading Manufacturers in India. There are several local brands like Karbon, Micromax, lava which offers comparatively better hardware at the same or even cheaper price. After sales services, quality,technology etc can varies with brand.


Choices and options are dependent on your budget. No matter what OS, display, CPU, brand, network you choose whether it costs 5,000 or 50,000 the only thing you should care about is the SATISFACTION. If you have doubt or question regarding any particular phone, leave a comment below. We will be always ready to help .
So keep on visiting and Thank you for reading :)

- Anurag Janbandhu


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