4 Simple Tips To Get High Traffic for Your Blog Easily

Simple Tips To Get High Traffic for Your Blog Easily
Getting high traffic is the first most aim of every blogger which can be possible only by some most simple but unique strategies. There are lots of blogger who really write unique and original content but without SEO and proper traffic strategies they don't get enough traffic they deserve. There are also many bloggers who copy paste blog articles and apply for ad networks like clicksor, chitika or other CPC programs and campaigns like Adf.ly to to make some good money, but without SEO and Some Smart Strategies there hardwork nearly gets lost or they get a little revenue which is really tiny as compared to the work they do.
So today I'm gonna unleash some simple but most important and unique strategies or you may say ways to get high traffic towards your blog.

These are the basic things that you should follow before doing anything :

1. Always write Original and Unique Content.
2. Never Copy any article from sites / blogs.
3. Write SEO friendly Content.

1. Increase Your Social Networking Activity :

We all know how important Social Networks are. There are lots of Social Networking Sites where you can promote your website or blog. Promote your blog / site on Facebook Fan Pages, Make New Blogger Friends and Discuss with them about every blogger Issue and similar stuff. Get Active traffic from Google+ , Twitter, StumbleUpon and other Social Bookmarking Sites. You can also try for High PR Forums That Can Bring You High Traffic.

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2. Get Traffic From Youtube :

Upload your own tutorial or promotion videos on Youtube and put your blog / website link in description. There is no doubt about SEO of Youtube which can bring you infinite traffic. But remember try to publish your videos with total accuracy considering all things like video title, tags which are important for SEO, Never forget that you should add some 150 words description to video as if you just add your blog link there in description, viewers would avoid it. Ask your users to subscribe your youtube channel for more youtube views.

3. Try Feed Burner / Other Feed Services :

Yes, Feed Burner Email Subscripitons can give you some good traffic what you need is just plenty number of followers and regular posting. The reader can directly get to your blog by hitting links in his mailbox to your blog. You can try our Feedburner Subscription Widgets. There are also other Feed Services which allows your blog readers to subscribe your blog and receive latest updates which can bring good traffic to your blog.

4. Free Traffic from AlexaBoostup :

Alexa Boostup has been really effective in getting high traffic as I had used it. It works on simple principle which can bring you traffic, you just need to turn on autosurfing and let your browser do its work, in this case, just put your blog's url there and receive high traffic. Its Free, SignUp Now !
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Final Words :

Well, I have described four simple and effective tricks to increase traffic on your blog / website.
You can also try our SEO Tips and Blogger Widgets to improve your Blogger Blog's SEO and Graphical Experience. I hope above tips may help you for getting high traffic to your blog.
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  1. Well Rohit bro, Its my first time to visit your blog, I really appropriate you. Keep flying

    1. Thanks bro for your thoughts, you can take a ride of my blog to discover more Blogger Tricks :)

  2. Thanks!!! Rohit

    It was really helpful but According to me AlexaBoostup is paid service???

    1. Thanks for being here again, Pishang :)
      Neh AlexaBoostUp is Totally FREE !
      Try it, gives lots of traffic ;)

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    1. Thanks Cristina Albert for your views, stay connected ;)

  4. is alexa boostup a legitimate sort of method to increase traffic. Is there any problem using it, as its a fake method to generate traffic. Kindly answer ?


    1. Yes, There is a simple logic behind it buddy, Traffic Exchange !
      You browse peoples sites, they will browse yours ;)

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