10 Tools to Create Awesome Content

 10 Tools to Create Awesome Content
There are lots of tools online that may help you design a better website, and some of them give you awesome content too. Here is a selection of ten tools that will add more content to your website, and will hopefully make it look a lot better.

1 - GoAnimate

This is a great tool for creating videos without having to pay actors or buy a camera. It allows you to animate in a fashion reminiscent of drag and drop programs. You may create your own characters; add in voices and music, and all for free. They also have a paid version that gives you more features, but if you are looking to create animated movies as adverts or for great web content, then this tool is perfect for you.

2 - Story Bird

This is a nice idea that has yet to catch on. It is tool that allows you to tell a story, but the story is told with pictures primarily. You can add writing, but the story is told with artistic pictures mostly. It is a little but like a comic, but where the art is the primarily teller of the story, to the point where some pages may not need words. If you have the time and skill to create a good story with this, then you will have some great content for your website.

3 - Icon Archive

It is hardly a hotbed of quality content, but it sure is nice to have a selection of icons for your website. This is especially true if you are using a content management system that has its own version of the icons. That is why so many people’s websites have similar looking icons. With this tool you can pick the icons that suit your website the best.

4 - Quiz Maker

This is a great tool for creating quizzes that people may answer on your website. You can have the answers to each quiz appear at the bottom of each page, or you can keep the answers a secret if you want your quiz to be part of your online competition.

5 - What I Really… Generator

This allows you to create a six paneled image showing different sides to the same issue. The name of the generator suggests that you use it to show what you really do at work, what your boss thinks you do, what your parents think you do, etc. But, you can also use it to show the difference between your product and your competitor’s products; using images and text with lines such as “our product after 12 months”, “their product after 12 months.”

6 - Dipity

This is a tool that allows you to create a timeline. It may be used for Infographics, but you may also like to put the timeline on your website. If you are working on a plan for something, then you could do worse than using this tool as part of your planning process. You may even show your website viewers what is to come in the future with this timeline tool.

7 - Hohli

This is a chart creation tool that is often used by people who are making Infographics. You can use it to create charts for your website. They offer you the means to process raw data into a visualization that your target audience may understand.

8 - Wordle

This is a tool that creates word clouds. These are elements on a blog that have the same SEO effect as a tagged keyword list, but that looks a lot better and a lot more futuristic and professional.

9 - Jing

This is a website that allows you to download a tool. This tool captures images and videos from your screen. It means that you can record demonstrations on your computer and turn them into step-by-step images, or tutorial videos. This is a nice and cheap way of creating website content.  It is free to download and easy to use, even if you have had no experience with this sort of software in the past.

10 - Meme Generator

It is a few steps above using your pre-installed Microsoft paint program in order to make your own memes. The memes that this program refers to are the ones where you have a picture that somebody has written on. The comments on the images are often funny, and many memes of this nature have been known to go viral. If you want funny images with comments on your website, then this tool makes it a lot easier.


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