Markerly - Instant Social Sharing Widget for Blogger

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Markerly - Instant Social Sharing Widget for Blogger
Last time I had explained about SocialSharing Blogger Widgets and Their Impact on Your Blogger SEO. This time I'm going to Explain about some kinda Different Social Sharing Blogger Widget. Today We have Markerly Social Sharing Widget.

Whats Markerly Social Sharing Widget?

Markerly is a micro-content sharing adds a layer of Virality to Your Site or Blog by turning all Photos, Text and Videos Instantly Shareable. This means you can made your Blog Fully Shareable as Markerly is designed in such a way that after installing it on any perticular Blog or Site, You will see Social Share Buttons after Hovering any Images, Pictures, Videos on that Site / Blog. So its really awesome that Blog Readers can do share your Blog Pictures and Videos. Markerly also provides sharing any Text on Blog / Site by selecting the perticular text.

I personally recommend you that you should atleast try this awesome instantly social share widget. You can also add "Share This Page" widget from Markerly which is total Awesome as it floats on page scrolling[Like I posted about Floating Social Share Widget for Blogger]. Its really easy to install this widget on your blog as you have to just add a little code in your blog template.

Want to Install This Awesome Sharing Widget on Your Blog? Let's See how to install it on your blog, you just have to follow these easy steps :
1. Go to Markerly .
2. Register your account on Markerly.
3. After Successful Registration login to Markerly.
4. After Logging In, you will find various tools there On your Board. You can modify your Markerly Widget there by customizing its color, Choosing Services, Image Sharing, Icon Color, Text Sharing, Page Sharing.
According to Optimal Widget Setting you should do as follows :
Choose Services : Choose all.
Image Sharing : On.
Icon Color : Black.
Text Sharing : On.
Page Sharing : On. [This will add a Floating Social Share Bar at Right Side of your Blog]
You can check below Image for Optimal Setting in this Widget.

Markerly - Instant Social Sharing Widget for Blogger Setting
Adding This Widget to your Blog.
Now Copy the Generated Code and follow these steps :
1. Go to Blogger > Dashboard > Template.
2. Edit HTML , Find Code </body> and paste your generated code just above / before it.
3. Hit Save Template.
That's it ! You are Done ! Go to Your Blog and check this Awesome Social Share Widget.
Note : If The Widget is not working on your blog then you can verify your blog by entering your Blog URL in the Verification box and click Verify , you will get why its not working.

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