How To Host Your Own .Js File

How To Host Your Own .Js File
Hello friends today I'm gonna describe How To Host Your Own .js File Online for Free and Forever.
Nowadays Hosting your file online isn't much perfect by Free Online Hosting Sites. They usually ask for Signup and after hosting your file , they delete it after some days. Thus if you are a Blogger / Web Designer or Custom Designer then you must upload your .js [Java] files to run them on your sites or blogs or for your templates. Professional Web Designers always upload their files on such web services There are many sites which provide Free Java File Hosting but their services are a bit tough or risky. So today I'm gonna tell you one site which totally provides a FREE Premium Java Script Hosting without any Signup.

Host Your JavaScript [.js] File Online logoYou can Host Your .js file on Its Totally Free Source for uploading your java script file and you can do it without any Signup or Registration unlike other sites. Well there are very easy steps by which you can upload your javascript file. Here after uploading you will get a total detail of your javascript file including its url and code snippet.

Steps for Uploading JavaScript Files on

1. Go to
2. Click 'Choose File'
3. Select your file from folders.
4. Enter your email.
5. Enter Word for Verification.
6. Hit upload.
7. Wait for few seconds. That's it your file is uploaded on !
8. Go to your mailbox / Inbox. Check the mail delivered by You will see there a URL and code snippet for the file you have just uploaded.
Thus you have made a successful javascript upload ! I hope above little tutorial you might have like. Kindly share it with your friends and I hope you would have Subscribed Us for more Blogger Tricks and Techy Stuff.
If you have any problems / queries just drop your comment below or you can also simply say "Thanks" to Us. Stay Connected.


  1. It has been 5 years i'm using service and still running well

  2. One Question.

    Is there any way I can set the caching age of the javascript?