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How to Get High PR Dofollow Backlinks Easily


How to Get High PR Backlinks Easily
How to get High PR Backlinks easily, ever tried building any quality high PR Dofollow backlink? Well you can increase your blogger SEO by building effective and High PR backlinks of your site or blog.
Its very important to have a dofollow backlink of your blog to increase Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank. You can get High Traffic if you have thousands of Backlinks of your blog, that's one of the major advantage of having high PR backlinks. If you want to rank up your blog then you must need a quality blog with total SEO Optimized with high quality and high PR backlinks, This might take a long time but as much as you pass the time doing all this stuff you get maximum results in future.

I have learned everything about Blogging since 8 months when I was in collage doing my 1st year Diploma course, I have passion of blogging thats why I'm doing this things.

Well in this 8 months I learned about Making your blog perfect by giving it a professional look with comfortable gadgets installed on your blog template. Also I learned about On Page SEO i.e. Optimizing your blog template or HTML Source for Your Blogger SEO like Adding Meta tags, Removig Custom Scripts, Adding Title Tags, Anchor, Image ALT Text, Meta Description to each blogger post and many things which I'll describe in my next blogger SEO posts for that just subscribe Us by entering your Email in Our Email Subscription Box fixed at right sidebar.

There are several easy ways by which you can easily build backlinks for your blog or site.

Mostly you can't get a Dofollow backlink on any High PR Blog or Site , if you are going to comment or spam on such blogs or websites , your comment gets removed after few weeks or your blog may get banned by adding it in bann lists. So don't try to spam anywhere [We hate Spamming]

If your blog have some quality or original content then you sure place your blog link on those blog or websites which allows you to submit your blog link in comment forms, well also you need to find Dofollow CommentLuv blogs which specially allows you to keep your blog or site link on their blogs and sites.

Well These are various aspects by me as I've described my experience, I'm gonna write more content about every basic but unique blogger trick, for that you must have to subscribe Us via Email [Feedburner Service] just enter your email and hit "Subscribe Us"

Now I must tell you some secrets which I used to Rank Up my blog, these are total ethical methods [We hate pirated work]

Tips for Getting Backlinks without Ban :

1. Make your Blog professional and Original. [How to Do it?]
2. Don't Copy Paste Blog articles from another blog for publishing them on your blog [Google will remove it if the original owner make an claims/enquiry at DMCA] 
You can also add a special script to your blog that no one can copy your blog contents [It disables Right Click]
3. Write your Own Original Content.
4. Submit Your Blog to Web Blog Directories [I'm writting an article about this , Subscribe to get it directly into your Inbox]
5. Place your Blog link as <a href="your blog link">your blog name</a> in Dofollow CommentLuv Blogs with proper appreciation for not getting banned. [Don't forget to check Us within next week coz you will also get a huge list of Dofollow CommentLuv Blogs ]
6. Ping Your Blog with Different Search Engines. Why Pinging ? It helps to identify and to index your blog / website in search engines. [Get a total guide about "Ping Your Blog in Smart ways " after this Week]
7. Guest Posting. Yes many bloggers are making effective backlinks via guest posting. I think there are thousands of Blogs and Websites which allows Guest Posting for that you need some quality skills. But its damn sure that you will get a Dofollow backlink for your blog if you do guest posting.
8. Get AlexaBoostUp ! Yes , I truely recommend you AlexaBoostUp as its a traffic exchange program specially for those who don't get traffic. You just have to browse some websites for some seconds and have to earn points and have to spend them which will bring unique traffic towards your blog. Hurry ! SignUp for AlexaBoostUp !

So these are the basic but unique steps or methods but I recommend you to Like Us and Share This post with your friends and the most important thing is that don't forget to Subscribe Us via Email.

Stay Connected with Us, Got any problem ? Just comment here or you can also say "Thanks" by dropping your comment simple here.


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  3. Hey really nice tips i am trying these tips but how exactly we know there is raise in traffic due to these tips...

    1. Thanks for being here,
      you can check your dashboard mate -_"

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    Nice Post dude :D

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