Boost Blog Page Loading Speed

Hello guys, its been too long, I haven't wrote anything (Was away from keyboard for 5 months) well I've come back again with new, most unique and awesome content. Today we will be looking for "Boosting your Blog Loading Speed" I had also written an article about "Make Your Blog Load Faster" (you can also check this one)
As everyone knows, "speed" matters ! If your blog takes too much time, just say that you wouldn't get the visitor back even if you have big quality content, ofcourse he will leave your blog as he would not like to wait until your page loads. So to avoid this condition and let the visitors surf on your blog, I'm telling you some easy and basic tips by which you can boost or increase your blog page loading time. This will help to reduce the blog bouncing rate probably and will boost your blog in traffic and ranking !
Boost Blog page Loading Speed

Rohit, Tell me why my blog takes lots of time to load completely?

there are plenty possible reasons for it, mostly may be :
1. Heavy CSS x HTML blog structure or use of old CSS x HTML codding.
2. Use of many plugins, widgets.
3. Oversized Content, Too much images, pictures.
4. Improper Layout.
5. Maximum Ad Units.
I guess these are the most of the reasons for loosing the page loading time. Before doing anything, lets check your website speed to set a benchmark. you can use any of these sites to check your website/blog's current loading time - speed.

Tips to Boost Blog Loading Speed !

These are the 5 most essential factors regarding reducing page loading time. I have provided the links which might help you boosting your blog speed !

1. Minimize CSS

What does mean minimizing CSS, Rohit?
Well You can compress, minimize or minify your blog css using some online tools and if there are lots of unwanted or unnecessary css codes in your blog template, just remove them this will help alot in making your blog load faster. There are lots of Free Template Providers, If you are using free templates, you may need to work on to compress css. Minimizing CSS is too easy.
To minimize your css codes, just go to, copy your css code from blog template and paste it in box below Input CSS, then just click on Minify and you will get minimized CSS code in Minified Output, copy it and replace with your own. That's it !

2. Compress HTML

This is one of the best way to boost your blog loading time as compressing html will help to load website/blog resources as quick as possible. There is simple equation,
No un-necessary codes = No Page Load = Less Loading Time.
You can compress your HTML by removing unnecessary widget codes in our template, javascripts and other tags or white spaces.

3. Remove Unwanted Widgets, Plugins

Yes ! If your blog have too much widgets, plugins, then trust me your blog will take plenty much time to load which may annoy blog reader or visitor. Thus just keep only selected and essential blog widgets. If you are newbie, don't go for too much blogger widgets, just use simple widgets which will help users to navigate and explore your blog. Probably you can use Popular Posts or Trending Posts, Labels, Social Profiles, Share Widget, Subscription box (I've the same layout) This may help in reducing blog page time.

4. Proper Advertising Units

Too much advertising units (adsense or any other) will definitely slow down your blog because they are made to load before your blog loads completely, so be sure to use specific amount of ad units (also too much ads may annoy users, resulting no returned users) the ideal number of placing ad units is between 2 & 3 (You can place even 5 ad units by Google DFP but ignore it, it will slow down your blog, By me Money is not everything, If you want to make it, make it by genuine ways)
So by placing 2 or 3 ad units or say if you don't place any ad (by your wish) this will result in page load time reduction.

5. Improved Blog Content

Din't understand? Well try to use minimum number of images on single web page, you can also optimize or compress image by size using some online tools (Image quality may affect or not) second thing is that don't make your blog post too much long, readers actually avoid (if its interesting then they won't)
Try to improve your blog articles, content this may be helpful in boosting your blog page speed !

Benchmark & Analysis

Now if you have optimized your blog as per above factors, then its time to take benchmark ! Like you have used the pingdom and getmatrix , run the tests again, you will get improved results ! That's it you are done !

Note : There is an online tool provided by Google Developers which gives proper and detailed information about your blog's structure and content, thus helps in analysing and improving your blog. I recommend you to try out this one.
link : PageSpeed Insights (Online Tool)
Enter your blog/website link, hit enter ! The tool will analyse your blog/website & will give feedback regarding Mobile & Desktop (Tests Errors/Failed to pass and Tests passed) What should be fixed and what should consider regarding page speed and user experience !

Hope you will feel helpful by this article, If you have any problems/queries regarding this article, just drop your comments here or feel free to contact me ! and yeah opinions, views will be appreciated !
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