How to Promote Your Blog on Twitter

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How to Promote Your Blog on Twitter
You have probably spent some time on Twitter. You might use it to connect with friends or to market your products or brand. You may even be using the site to attract traffic to your blog. While it’s a good idea to use Twitter to bring traffic over to your WordPress site, you have to make sure you do it correctly or it won’t work.

Tweet Often

You need to create a presence on Twitter before you can expect people to click on your blog links. The best way to do that is to tweet often. Power users tweet 10-20 times a day. You don’t have to tweet that much, but you should tweet at least five times a day.
Put links in about 80% of your tweets so people will get used to clicking on your links. Some of the links can go to your blog, and some can go to other websites.

Use Attention Grabbing Tweet

Use attention grabbing tweets when you send out links to your blog posts. You only have a second to grab people’s attention. Boring tweets won’t get any attention.
Along with the text, consider adding some hashtags (#) so people will know what to expect if they click on the link. Hashtags are great tools on Twitter, as long as you don’t overuse them.

Connect with Influencers

Influencers are the movers and shakers in the market. People turn to them to find out what is going on in a specific market. Identify the influencers in your market and connect with them. Retweet some of their links and answer their questions. Over time, you will get on their radar. Then, there’s a good chance they will retweet your blog posts. That will give you a lot more exposure.
Keep in mind that you will have trouble connecting with influencers unless you have a professional looking blog. Influencers are savvy, and they don’t want to stand behind anyone who looks unprofessional. Thus, make sure you choose one of the professional Professional WordPress themes that are available online so influencers will trust you. 

Use Posts to Answer Questions

Use your blog posts to answer questions on Twitter. This will get you a lot of attention on the site. For instance, if someone asks a question on Twitter, you can write a post and then put a link to the post in the reply.
Twitter is an excellent way to generate attention for your blog posts, but you have to use it properly. If you use it the right way, you can expect to get some traffic over to your site. Thus, implement these strategies so you can benefit from the micro blogging site.

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