How to Bypass, Linkbucks, Adfocus

how to skip linkbucks, shrinkurl
Now-a-days many bloggers and website owners are using, Adfocus, LinkBucks and some other Ad Network Programs for making large amount of money. But unfortunately in some countries like India and other is banned therefore Indian can't bypass links. Also its damn riddiculas that everywhere you go on internet you will see damn download links equipped with shorten urls, well, today I'm going to explain about "How to Bypass Adfocus, LinkBucks and Other Ad Network Links with"

As we know you can't bypass such shortened links manually for that you need . Using this Online Tool you can get original link without wait for 4-5 seconds. This tool can also be used with browsers that don't support javascript, for example Android Based Browser, Google Chrome, Firefox.

How To Bypass , Adfocus, LinkBucks and Other Ad Networks ?

Its so easy just go to , you will see there a box where you can paste your or any other Ad Network Link. Just copy and paste your Link there in the box and hit "Deadfly" and wait.
Boom ! After 4-5 seconds you will see original link or source link of that shortened link. Which means you can bypass easily via copying it  or clicking it. I think its really awesome for Indians as is banned in India or in other countries.
You can also download Android app for better experience on android base phones.
Just copy paste that link and paste it in your browser, enjoy browsing !
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