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Mahhh Men! (we are much like Rocksteady & BeeBob)
My Best Pal Ever aka Langotiya Yaar - Shubham (one in jacket)
Hey guys, whats up! I guess its been thousand of years I din't post any blogger widgets, template or stuff but now I'd like to announce that I'm back again (this time I have alot of time to do experiments on blogger) as I got vacations. It's been tough year for me, I honestly couldn't get time this year for anything (though I had alot of fun and sorry I couldn't reply all emails I have got so far, so sorry folks). I have been busy with my another grand project which I'll introduce, definitely here on BloggerHero.
So stay tuned (even I'm working on new BloggerHero Theme) for more fun ahead, what you are going to get in upcoming few days?
# Materiality Material Design Blogger Template
# Unique Blogger Widgets (Probably abstract or weirdo awesome plugins)
# WP Style blogger templates (Request me and I'll do one for you)
# Awesome articles to learn softwares, tricks or ideas that professionals do (sounds weird but if you really like perfection that you must pick one diamond from millions of stones so after spending alot of time and 4 year experience I'll definitely share some articles related to professional videography / editing/ visual effects along with tutorial links, some Graphic Designing concepts, Kits, Freebies,Marketing Strategies, Startups and alot of more funt)
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